Not All Judges Are Created Equal!


The Philadelphia Court System to some may seem fair, to others not so true!

This website is for those who have had their unfair share of injustice at the hands of judges who think themselves no better then gods. To those whose rulings were biased, unethical, not true to fact, or just plain outright corrupt! I DO NOT purport that all judges are the ways mentioned as there have been those who have and do deserve the title “Honorable”.

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Disclaimer:  (A) I do NOT purport that ALL judges in the Philadelphia judicial system are portrayed as unfair, biased, or otherwise noted based on the postings of this forum. I share my story in the hopes that truth, fairness, and justification to others are not denied such as my experiences with the Philadelphia Judicial System. (B) All stories posted are researched and checked for accuracy and verification as much as possible. The stories are
from various media outlets posted numerous times via the internet and I am not responsible for its content. My story is based on firsthand experience with documentation to support all comments, most can be found HERE (http://www.lasikdecision.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=33&Itemid=114), the Philadelphia Courts’ Docket, case # 031100946 which was copied and posted on Scribd, and other resources.

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